• Car Fire
  • My Web Show KABOOM
  • Simulated Van Explosion
  • Simulated Train wreck

Type of EffectsType of Effects

Pyrotechnic effects: Custom explosive effects: EXPLOSIONS: Custom fire effects: Bullet hits: Body hits: Product placement fire, heat, flame, Campfires, Bonfires, Fireplaces, Burning Cars, Body Burns, Burning House, Burning Buildings & Car Effects. Explosions, Smoke, Wind, Fog, Rain, Snow & More


Specialized in Special Effects, Pyrotechnics, Fire Effects, Pyrotechnic Effects, Pyro FX, Mechanical Effects, FX, Commercial Effects, Film Effects, Miniature Effects, Atmosphere Effects, Practical Effects, Physical Effects Special FX, EFX & SPFX in a safe and professional atmosphere.

Types of WorkTypes of Work

Commercials: Television: Live Television: Films: Music videos: Live events: Concerts: Still Photo: Web Shows:


Coming up with creative solutions to challenging situations all in the pursuit of making the shots happen. Doing what it takes to make the shots happen.

How to contact Me

If you have any questions please call, text or e-mail:
818 259-0066

Look for my webshow Kaboom at the Yahoo link below:



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